May LIGHT, SERENITY and LOVE permeate every cell of our body, our entire life, and may we learn to share them with others!

Atmosphere of harmony, purity and comfort, the immense bliss of spiritual delight
and a physical sense of perfection!
"One candle can light thousand others without loosing any radiance!
Happiness is NOT reduced if you share it! "
Buda Sakyamuni

About Paramita

"Paramita" is a Sanskrit word meaning to go beyond the ordinary existence of man and achieve the original "perfection". This is the perfection of complete awareness and awakening that will take us beyond the world of reincarnation and suffering in the perfect world of enlightenment!

Yoga Classes

On a mental level, Yoga balances our emotions, helps make us positive, open to the world and the people around us. Replaces old patterns of thinking with positivity and flexibility. Yoga expands our consciousness and answers questions about ourselves and the Universe.

Wellness and Relax Zone

At times we need something special to get away from the city noise and the mundane. We dream of serenity, beauty and harmony, and we think we can only find them in a far away exotic country! We do not have to go around the world to experience all that! This allure is very close, just at your fingertips!



Holiday Sale!

Dear friends! For the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve, Paramita Center offers a 20% discount on the price of al...
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