Ancient yoga techniques are powerful tools on the path toward self-awareness and evolvment, searching for a deeper understanding of our true nature. Applied with consistency and consciousness, they give the integrity needed for development, maintaining the purity and vitality of the body and mind. Yoga, translated from Sanskrit, means to "unite", "harness", "direct attention", as well as other meanings revealing different aspects of the wide range of human aspirations to achieve inner peace, happiness and self-realization.

Yoga "harnesses" the body and the mind with the help of intellect, emotions and will, in the quest for self-realization in all aspects of the individual's life manifesting itself as a micro unit, part of the entire macro, the Universe.

Yoga Practice and Classes

Hatha Yoga

Hatha, in the ancient Sanskrit language, comes from "Ha" meaning sun and "Tha", the moon. Simultaneously, the sun and the moon are two balancing energies that embody the unmanifested and the manifested, materialized, the male and female energies, the warm and the cool, the active and the passive. Emphasis is placed on the harmonization of the two energies that guide life.
Hata yoga aims to achieve balance between body and mind through the unveiling of the finer level of the mind via the practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.
Asanas are different body positions that improve health and eliminate physical illnesses, with the ultimate goal of self-realization. Regular practice of asanas sculpts flexibility, enhances the muscoskele...

Iyengar-inspired yoga practice

A yoga class focusing on the classical performance of the asanas through the use of "Iyengar wall", adapted with ropes, in combination with other yoga supplies such as blocks, bolsters, belts and more. The practice offers an in-depth examination of the asanas, assists proper performance of the movements and activations, provides safe and meaningfull stretching of the spine and back muscles.

Yoga Practice with elements of Ashtanga

In an ashtanga yoga prctice, alternated are stretching asanas with asanas for complete relaxation. This helps to achieve an inner calmness and mastery of the thoughts, the mental waves. Subsequently, the body relaxes, blood circulation improves and so does the flow of vital energy (prana).
The practice creates a sense of lightness, tones and purifies the body from the accumulated toxins and makes it stronger. The practice focuses on disciplining the mind and encourages the practitioner to take a look at themselves and the world in a perhaps new, a more conscious way.

Dynamic, Power Yoga

Power yoga is a vigorous practice that focuses on breathing and on the prolonged hold of the asanas. Sequences in power yoga are composed to keep the body warm and to increase metabolism, helping the body to burn fat.

Yin/Yang Balancing Yoga

This practice aims to balance of the Yin and Yang elements in the body and mind. Yin is the "feminine beginning" which manifests as unifying, passive, cold, slow, calm, inward, hidden, material. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming, upward, spiritual. It is a slower yoga practice where poses are passively held for longer, working on the deep, dense, Yin connective tissues and joints in the body.

Kids Yoga

Every hour is an adventure!
A yoga class for kids in the form of a game that is appropriate to the child's level of development, questions that go along that and provide answers as appropriate. The practice aims to evoke interest and inquzitivness and inspire thoughtfulness and action.

Teen Yoga

Suitable for young adults, from 12 to 16 years of age. Teen yoga has many benefits for the body and mind development of the teenager, faced with various changes in the physique and psyche.

Smart Vinyasa Flow

Smart Vinyasa Flow is a practice combining the therapeutic benefits of proper performance of classical asanas with fluidity and dynamism, focused on toning of the body and at the same time, relaxing and quieting the mind. The practice is suitable for beginners, as well as advanced practitioners as it is modified according to the practitioner's abilities. The practice generously benefits the whole body and mind, improving health and beauty on the physical, mental and spiritual level. The classical performance of the asanas helps properly adjust and allign the musculoskeletal system, often dissballanced by habitually improper posture, while sitting or standing durring everyday life.