Yes, classes are suitable for beginners, unless noted otherwise. Yoga is a way of life, please come and join us to find out for your self.
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The address of our studio is ul. Hristo Botev #92, 5th Floor, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
No, reeservations are needed, unless noted otherwise. Please come 5-10 mins prior to practice time. Reservations are needed for therapies, massages and most events. Please call us for reservations.
It is advisable to practice in comfortable sports attire that is neither too tight nor too loose to allow feedom of movement.
It is preferable to bring your own mat, however we will ensure you have one if you do not bring your own. Please bring your good mood and possitive attitude ready for yoga assana practice.
It takes at least two and a half hours for digestion to be completed, depending on your system. It is importaint to have not eaten 2.5 hors before class in order to practice with a sense of ease and even more important in order not to disturb the functions of the digestive and elimoinatory system!

Yoga soothes consciousness and mind and thus reduces stress. To maintain this condition, it is a good idea to attend yoga practices at least two or three times a week.
Yoga can alleviate many of our health problems, such as conception, back pain, weak immune system, stress management, sleep problems, etc. Of course, you must first notify the yoga instructor. With time, discipline and perseverance you will achieve the desired results.
The Vedas say: "A day when a person does not practice yoga is considered to be completely lost!" It is good to come at least two or three times a week to assimilate and maintain a good state of body and mind. Of course, the frequency of your visits depends on a number of other factors - leisure, engagements, health, and so on. Therefore, you are the one who can best estimate when and how many times to attend yoga practices.
Yes of course. Traditionally, yoga was mostly practiced by men. Nowadays more and more celebrities, athletes, actors, singers are engaged in yoga. In today's life, more and more men tend to pay attention to building harmonious, beautiful bodies and a restrained and peaceful mind. This can be achieved through the regular practice of yoga.
Yoga is a way of life, conscious and wise behavior at all times, not just in practice. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages, children to adults. With time our body ages, it's flexibility and mobility diminishes. Yoga practice is a gentle and effective way to keep it youthful and harmonious throughout life.
In yoga we harmonize the nervous system and thus we have a better access and control the desire for food. Through yoga you can maintain a good weight and athletic body, especially if combined with proper diet and lifestyle.
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