Massage affects our body in a variety of ways. It aids in overcoming fatigue, creates a feeling of an integration in the body, a feeling of one whole, experiencing the joy of movement and touch. Massage brings pleasure to our senses. It helps us overcome not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional fatigue through the overall relaxation of the body.

Vitality Massage

Classical massage enriched with elements of Thai and Eastern massage
Classic massage, enhanced with elements of Thai techniques and Eastern massage. Exceptionally deep therapy, which aims to restore proper energy flow in the internal meridians, unblocking problem areas in the physical body. It is effective in muscle and joint pain, tired legs, low blood circulation, stress and many others.

Radiant Health Massage

Therapeutic Massage
This therapeutic massage normalizes the body's functions and improves the condition after traumas and illnesses. It is used to restore the function of diseased organs, systems, parts of the musculoskeletal system, suitable for diagnosis such as sciatica, disc herniation, headache and emotional imbalance. It can also be used as a partial or local treatment in certain problem areas of the body and in combination with other means of treatment.

Loving Hands Massage

Relaxing massage with elements of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
Relaxing massage with elements of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
The name of this massage comes from the smooth, harmonic movements, coming out of the intention of the massage therapist, working with a heart filled with love and hands in flowing movements across the body of the client. The sensation resembles gentle breeze waves across the body due to the special techniques the therapist is working with, using palms and at times almost all the entire arms.


Anti-cellulite, slimming massage
Manual therapy which removes the accumulated subcutaneous layer of fat resembling an orange peal.