In the Health and Relaxation Zone of Center Paramita we offer therapies based on ancient methods, such as Ayurveda, unique and innovative treatments, relaxation, toning massages and special health procedures. We use cosmetics and organic, natural products of the highest quality and proven lasting results.
The healing methods we offer benefit the body and mind in various ways. They help in overcoming fatigue, help in feeling lightness, while experiencing the joy of movement and touch. Through those methods we can overcome not only the physical fatigue but also the mental and emotional. A holistic approach combines skillful massage techniques with the healing power of crystals, aromas, sounds, Reiki, reflexology and others, aiding the body in overcoming anxiety and the effects of st...

Ymeiho Therapy

Methodical application of a complex set of manual techniques and physical exercises aimed at restoring the functional balance of the human entity.

Rejuvenated Zones

Souls of feet, palms and other
Reflexology itself shares many general principles with acupuncture, without the use of needles, rather with the use of hands and/or a set of special wooden instruments from the East.


Therapy with fragrance
Aroma therapy is a holistic treatment that uses various essential oils that are massaged gently onto the skin, and spread into the air with the help of special aroma lamps. Aroma therapy is an essential part of alternative medicine.


Combination of crystal therapy and aromatherapy
Chrystal Enchantment is a combination of crystal therapy and aromatherapy. Crystals are called "guardians of wisdom," as they quietly carry the long history of the Earth. They have very strong energy and radiation, they affect all our bodies (physical and energy bodies) and aura. The vibrations of the crystals balance our chakras and related organs. The combination of the right flavors enhances the healing effect of this wonderful relaxing therapy.

REIKI Therapy

Reiki is a method of treatment using Universal Cosmic Energy that is transmitted by the patient's Master by laying hands as a form of complementary therapy and is sometimes classified as Eastern medicine.