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Yoga and Meditation with Gong and Tibetan Singign Bowls

with Aura Kamera Sofia and Stojcho Georgiev
The yoga studio Paramita has the pleasure of inviting you to a enchanted journey to your inner world. Yoga teaches us that the world around us is a reflection of the one we carry in deep within ourselves. Without a true connection with ourselves, we can not achieve a healthy one with anything and anyone around us.

Yoga and meditation with a gong is an ancient combination of two highly influential ancient practices for purifying and harmonizing the energetic and the physical body. The performance of yoga asanas with sound therapy will help you get rid of accumulated tension and stress, will shake you from the stagnant thoughts and suppressed negative emotions and will open your mind and heart to the new.

Individual Aura Diagnostic

with Aura Kamera Sofia and Stoicho Georgiev
Dear friends,
On May 19 at Paramata Yoga Center you will have the opportunity to take advantage of aura diagnostics with Aura Camera,
at a preferential price of 30lv.

For children up to 16 years old. is free.

Pre-enrollment is required.
tel. 089 336 0643 Paramita Center

The human aura represents the energy field around the physical body. Healthy human body aura is elliptical or egg-shaped around the physical body and is 2-3 meteres wide.
The color, size, shape and brightness of the aura are a practical indicator of one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of wellness. The individual's aura is unique for each person and may change from momemnt to moment. The aura disgnosis provides a great dealof info about our s...

Ayurveda, our Individual Doshas, and How to Keep them Balanced via Healthy Eating Habits

Join us to learn more about Ayurveda, the Doshas and how to protect our health by balancing them. The concept of Dosha is a distinctive principle in Ayurveda, which gives us practical information on prevention and treatment of imbalances. The Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kafa and are composed of the five elements. We have all three of them in us and most often one or two are dominant. We will learn about their characteristics, how they manifest themselves in the body and the mind and how to keep them in balance and harmony in order to be healthy. We will also look at the types of foods that support our individual Doshas.
For this purpose, before the lecture I invite you to do a test, defining your individual Dosas. Please message and we will send you the test in advanc...


Dear friends from Stara Zagora, welcome to the practical session for CLEANING and BALANCING of Energy Centers - CHAKRITE and AURA of School of Life Bg, "School of Life, Bg", on April 21, at 15:00, for the first time in Stara Zagora.

The session is interactive and consists of chakra and aura theory, process and flow of materialisation, diagnostics of the chakras with a crystal pendulum, aura study and techniques, practices and methods for cleansing and balancing the chakras and the aura.


With Todor Shabanski
KIRTAN NIGHT - 31 March 2018 at 18:00!
Free entry - by donation from the shower!

Part of our Yoga event - Workshop with Todor Shabanski
this week - 31.03 - 01.04.18

You can join Kirtana without participating in the rest of yoga practices and enjoy this different form of meditation through music and feel in a very pleasant way of joy the inner penetration into yourself!

Hello dear friends, We have the pleasure to invite you to Saturday's Kirtan yoga evening with Tulasi, Pandava and Gopi Gitamrita.

International Yoga Day, 23rd of June, 2018

With lots of joy and open hearts, we invite you to the first International Yoga Day, celebrated at Paramita Center! Various yoga practices available all day long for adults and children!
Come in, practice, unite on the way to Self-realization.

Yoga without Asana

Discussion about the 8 Limbs of Yoga
We will discuss yoga in it's entirety as described in the Sutra's of Patanjali. We will examine the essence of yoga with the help of B.K.S. Iyengar's interpretation as presented in his book Light on Yoga, the translation of Veronica Verai, etc. We will look to examine the 8 Limbs via our individual experiences and perceptions, coloring them with our individual nuance and considering their relevance in our everyday life.
Come in with already constructed concepts of Yama, Niyama, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi or join us to learn more about their essence.

The discussion will be moderated by Polina and can be achieved through your active participation.

Entrance Fee: Donation, according to one's own apabilities.

Women's Circle at New Moon, June 13th, 2018 6:00-8:00 pm

With DoRaya and Ralica Stoeva
Let us gather agian at Paramita, Stara Zagora
to celebrate healingly-magical
new moon and the female power.

The women's circle is a space of support, acceptance, freedom, love, strength, beauty, the space that each of us needs to maintain within itself to thrive.

Together, we create and reinforce this space in the shared circle, recall our forces, release worries and unleash our potential.

Each participant is personally responsible for themselves with a clearer, deeper perception of their own strengths and beauties.
Together we gather to recall our strength.

Ayurvedic Dinner: Demonstration and Tasting, 3 Recipes

With Polina Popova
Dear friends,
Welcome to dinner on Wednesday, 30th of May at 5:30 pm where we will learn about the many benefits of Ghee and Kichari, the ayurvedic foods used in detox and for the restart of the digestive system. We will prepare both dishes together wich will take about 30-40 minutes and then we will enjoy eating them !!! A healthy appetizer will also be included in the menu!
We will learn how easy and fast it is to prepared those beneficial foods for the whole family !!!
Please save your seat in advance so that we may save you a plate !!!

Theodor Nikolov

Revelations of Truth
Theodor Nikolov chose to follow the path of Light, Peace, and Love, and lead all those who are ready to follow the Christ's Impulse in search of the truth!
Theodor will present his book, for the creation of which he has done incredible amount of searching and has succeeded in uniting the immeasurable knowledge of everything that has been going on since ancient times and what has to be done in the future. We will learn about the significance of the times we live right now, and how important it is not to waste that time, but making the most important steps for all humankind!

Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Todor Shambanski

Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice, Suria Namaskar, Kirtan and discussions about Yoga as a Way of Life
Magnificent opportunity "Paramita" center to meet an amazing yoga teacher and a man whose deep knowledge and incredible charisma will bring us a new inspiring way to touch this ancient system of life and spiritual practice!

During the two days - 31 MART - 1 APRIL have organized for you, dear friends, a very interesting program that you can touch just by near perfect details for the implementation of Ashtanga Vinyasa practice of Surya Namaskar practice and talk about " Everyday life in the way of perfection - Yoga as a way of life. "

Basti Party: Brief Introduction and Demonstration

With Polina Popova
Dear friends,
Join us for a brief discussion and a demonstration of the different types of Basti Therapies and their benefits. This would be especially useful for those who have problems with stiffness and pain in the back, neck, low back, who would directly experience relief from the therapies. Additionally, we will make Hrid and Netra Basti (Heart and Eyes) for those interested. The purpose of the event is to provide the opportunity for anyone who wishes to get a sence of this ancient healing method.

Basi therapies are Ayurvedic methods for dealing with various types of pain and stiffness caused by different types of issues. The main therapies are: Griva (neck), Janu (knee), Kati (low back), Hrid (heart) and Netra Basti (eyes). Basti therapies are effective for chronic...

Women's Circle at New Moon, May 15, 2018 6:00-8:00 pm

With DoRaya and Ralica Stoeva
Ladies, you are invited to experience an enchanting evening in the feminine, with the scent of manifested dreams and personal growth.
Led by inspiration, music and transpersonal therapist Ralitza Stoeva, together we will immerse in our own beauty and the power of its manifestation.
Ralitsa promises a different, fun, deep, personal, magical, transformational experience that will enrich us with a contemplation and smiles.
Each of us has an enormous power. Together we gather to recall it.

The Prognosis for the Year of the Earth Dog, 2018!

Feng Shui lecture with Yana Vervak
We are increasingly beginning to feel the strong presence of the Earth Dog, which will be the master of the year 2018. Every sign that manages a given year has its own specific characteristics that manifests themselves in relationship with the other characters. In addition, the energy in the inhabited spaces also changes and along with their simple cleaning, different spiritual rituals and techniques are applied. That's why most of the big names like my teachers Grand Master Lilian Tu and Grand Master Raymond Loh conduct their presentations on annual updates at least a month in advance. Following their example, on February 2nd in the cozy atmosphere of Paramita Center Stara Zagora, I will happily share with you Fung Shui tips for the arrangement of your home and office and I will share ...

Arts of India in Stara Zagora

Dear friends!
An exciting day is comming dedicated to the Arts and Magic of India.
Katya and Manny invite you to experience together everything that prompts our thought to go to the mystic, the colorful and the beautiful! That which excites our senses and draws our attention, the magic that touches us deeply and which gives the wings of our soul!

Open Doors on 28th and 29th of October, 2017!

Paramita Center opens its doors on the 28th and 29th October, 2017 for all your friends!
Feel the atmosphere of purity and harmony, give yourself a few hours to get acquainted with our practices and hear the interesting topics we have selected for you!
We have a wide variety on the program, we have invited guest lecturers who will speak on different spiritual topics and others will demonstrate different yoga asana practices. For the first time in our city, Stara Zagora it a yoga practice by the Iyengar method will be demonstrated, a method with a therapeutic and rehabilitative focus, using props of various sorts including the "Iyengar wall" we created in our yoga studio!

Karmic Management

Lecture by Nikolay Sirakov on January 14th, 2018
Where do the events of our future stem from and how do we manage them? Nikolay Sirakov, an inspiring politician, a yoga teacher, he passed through the hot chair of Mayor, Regional Governor of Gabrovo District and now a People's Representative, he will show you the power of spiritual practices in everyday life, drawn from ancient teachings through his teachers.We have a lot of tasks in our daily lives that we need to attend to.We need a strategy to do it in the right way and achieve success, but we need wisdom to be inspired, to continue working, to experience satisfaction of the acheived, to be healthy ... even happy.

Open Doors on 28 October, 2017

Massages, Therapies and Ayurveda
On November 25, Saturday, at 11:30 am we will hold an open door event, presenting the various massages, therapies and Ayurvedic procedures we offer at Paramita Center! You will have the opportunity to experience our wonderful atmosphere and to feel the magic hands of our therapists!

Special Holiday Promotion

20% off all massages and therapies
We have wonderful news, dear friends! For the upcoming Christmas and New Year Holidays, Paramita Center offers a special promotion of 20% discount from the price of all massages and therapies from the Wellness and Relax Zone.

OLIFE Product Presentation: Extract from Olive leaves

08.07.2018 from 12:00-1:30 pm
An extract of fresh olive leaves that contains 30 times more antioxidants than extra virgin olive oil. The calorific value of the product is comparable to that of apple or other fruit juice!
Contains OLEUROPEIN and HYDROXYCORTIZOL - the most powerful antioxidant! Daily use of only 70 ml. OLIFE olive leaf extract will give your body a powerful dose of antioxidants and tonic substances that have not been found in any other natural source to date!

Olive leaf extract, patented by the Italian company EVERGREENLIFE.

Wool Art Workshop, Holiday Decoration

Surprise your loved ones and acquaintances with a handmade gift from you. Or give yourself a moment of pleasure by unleashing your imagination and immersing yourself in a relaxing work with this natural wool fabric.
With our help and support, you will be able to create something beautiful from wool using the "needlework" technique.

The ascendant and fate

Lecture with Kiril Stoichev
How the rising sign (ascendant) influences the fate of the born - a light life or a full of experience, the nature of relationships and marriage. The ascendant and its relation to health. The significance of all 12 zodiac signs as ascendants will be examined.

If there are those who do not know the sign of the ascendant, it will be calculated during the lecture or in advance if you send information about your time of birth - day, time, place, to our e-mail after enrollment.

LECTOR - KIRIL STOYCHEV - astrologer, chairman of the Bulgarian Astrological Association, from Varna, Scorpio Sign.