Dynamic, Power Yoga
Power yoga is a vigorous practice that focuses on breathing and on the prolonged hold of the asanas. Sequences in power yoga are composed to keep the body warm and to increase metabolism, helping the body to burn fat. Transitions between yoga poses are slow and gradual. This kind of practice is very efficient for erradicating the few extra pounds we have gained in the winter season. The practice tones the muscles, makes them strong and increases flexibility. Despite the dynamic nature of the practice, the focus of the class is to emphasize the fundamental goal of hatha yoga, union of body, mind and spirit. The practice seeks to unveil the practitioener's true strenghts in its various forms and manifestations.
The class is suitable for physically fit beginers, as well as advanced practitioners.
Female yoga resting 5
Female yoga resting 7


Single Class Visit
8.00 lv.
30 Day Pass
30 days
56.00 lv.
45 Day Pass
45 days
75.00 lv.
Unlimmited Yoga Pass
30 days
120 lv.
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