How to make an energetic shield of Light!
31.10.2017 г., in: Blog
As a spiritual and vibrational being, you can involuntarily absorb the negative energy and low vibrations of others. This is especially true when you visit a place or a gathering where there are low vibrational energies, or if you are a sensitive person who experiences the emotions, feelings and thoughts of others, and often absorbs the foreign energies. When your receptivity to the spiritual dimensions increases, and at the same time increases your sensitivity to negativity. Therefore, protection is a valuable spiritual tool for all Light Servants, spiritual explorers, and energy-sensitive beings.
Protection means mostly visualization, intention (statement of intent), and the feeling that you are fully embraced by a ball, a blanket or a cocoon of light from the Divine.

The beauty of lightning, with the help of angels, is that it is easy! To create a "shield" before going to a public place or when you feel the heavy energies around, just think about it, imagine and visualize how fully embraced by Divine Light.
You can also summon a shield of light through the thought or by pronouncing "Angels, please cover me with a shield of Divine light now!"

Shields of light can be placed around your entire home, office, vehicles, items, and around your loved ones. Although they are very powerful and effective, the shields of light are not long lasting, so you have to call them again every 12 hours and sometimes more often, especially if you are in a place with very dense, heavy energy. Or if you feel tense and upset - clean your energy with light and ask again for a light shield!
A great way to remember to protect your own energy is to turn it into a daily routine - morning and evening. Just as you brush your teeth or cook food at a specific time of day, clean and create light protection for your energy every day!

When you call upon your angels and divine light to keep you, you can not be wrong. Your intention is extremely powerful, so only with the proclamation of this intention - to be covered with a shield of light - it happens.
Light is pure Divine energy. It is a loving, highly vibrating conscious energy that will protect and lift you at the same time. In its very nature it can not be used by the so-called dark forces, so that by converging to light and when you build shields, you naturally repel all low vibrational beings.

Imagine a multi-layered shield of light around you, or, as we said earlier, simply ask the Divine and the angels to envelop you with that shield of light that you need most at the time.

Then be sure that the energy shield keeps you safe and the negative energy can not affect you.

By Melanie Beckler,
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