About Paramita
The creation of Paramita, Center for Excellence, Health and Wellbeing is inspired by our deep desire to give people a place and an atmosphere of harmony, purity and coziness, where we can immerse ourself in the immense bliss of spiritual delight and a sense of perfection!
Here we will rid of everything frivolous and unnecessary, we will get to know the needs of our body and core essence, we will dedicate our time and silence to hear ourselves, the melody of our inner voice so that we may find the absolute happiness witch exists deep within ourselves!
Our desire to look and feel good is undoubtedly connected with the desire of our soul to inhabit a better, more beautiful and harmonious world to which each of us is the creator!
Come in and spend a little time for yourself, allow the flame of unconditional Love to light up in your heart and become the creator of Prosperity for which you yearn to have and to share in the world with all other beings!


"Paramita" is a Sanskrit word meaning to go beyond the ordinary existence of man and achieve the original "perfection". This is the perfection of complete awareness and awakening that will take us beyond the world of reincarnation and suffering in the perfect world of enlightenment!
Anyone who wants to go on the path to perfection follows the 10 perfections or releasing actions - paramittes. The very perfections - the paramites - are the true essence of our heart, our consciousness, they are the very essence of our true nature, completely perfect and awakened.
Six are the most basic and often explained paramites, the most important among them is the sixth - Parjita Paramita or Paramita Wisdom. This is the key to perfection, real, spontaneous and profound wisdom that is not a collection of ideas, but an intuitive understanding of everything that surrounds us - visible and invisible. This paramita is the enlightening quality of transcendental wisdom, the penetration into the essence of things, perfect understanding. With this higher wisdom, we exceed beyond approval and disapproval, beyond hope and fear, beyond dualistic thinking, beyond selfish dependence. This truth turns the other five paramita into its transcendental essence.
The other 5 Paramitas are:
DANA Paramita
Let's be generous, great-hearted and to help others show unconditional Love to all living beings, higher compassion and lack of selfishness!
SILA Paramita
To lead a meaningful life for the sake of ourselve and others, full of virtue, purity, impeccable purity of personality, morality and ethics.
KSHANTI Paramita
Patience and tolerance to all, restraint and the ability to accept things as they are; balance, inner peace and peace!
VIRYA Paramita
To share joy and enthusiasm while on our path of awareness; with perseverance, perseverance and energy to work on our goal of unconditional love and compassion!
DHYANA Paramita
To succeed in deeply reassuring the mind, to clear it from all the harmful thoughts in order to achieve a clear insight into its true nature!

The pursuit of all these principles, dear travelers on the journey, helps a person to feel lighter and more relaxed, his confidence grows, stress is diminishing and disappearing, the personal sence of happiness and satisfaction conquers him more and becomes his normal states, the feeling of guilt and sorrow disappear, negative emotions become a memory of the past.
Paramita develops in the practitioner unconditional Love and Purity that leads away from personality and ego and brings us closer to a state of complete awareness of what is truly valuable and worth living for!
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