Smart Vinyasa Flow
Smart Vinyasa Flow is a practice combining the therapeutic benefits of proper performance of classical asanas with fluidity and dynamism, focused on toning of the body and at the same time, relaxing and quieting the mind. The practice is suitable for beginners, as well as advanced practitioners as it is modified according to the practitioner's abilities. The practice generously benefits the whole body and mind, improving health and beauty on the physical, mental and spiritual level. The classical performance of the asanas helps properly adjust and allign the musculoskeletal system, often dissballanced by habitually improper posture, while sitting or standing durring everyday life.

The practice is structured to be dynamic and fluid, toning the body. The practitioner concentrates their efforts on the performance of asanas, as a result of which the mind is predisposed to be present to the moment, dissengaged from the noise of everyday life.
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