Yin/Yang Balancing Yoga
This practice aims to balance of the Yin and Yang elements in the body and mind. Yin is the "feminine beginning" which manifests as unifying, passive, cold, slow, calm, inward, hidden, material. Yin is characterized by a static, deep and accepting nature. Yang is more external, dynamic, active, warming, upward, spiritual.Yang is characterized by a rhythmic, reocurring and giving nature.
Through these two principles, the practice focuses on the development of proper concertation, balance and harmony, strengthening the core (literally and figuratively) muscles. Furthermore, the practice improves muscle tone and blood circulation, stimulates the work of internal organs, helps purify energy blockages and strengthens the practitioner's "inner strength" . It gives a clear practical application of proper allignment, proper transition from asana to asana, all the while being conscious of the breath and keeping the attention in the present.
Just as energy can be defined and characterized as Yin and Yang, so can our bodily tissues.
Using the Universal principle of balance, this practice works to strengthen and relax, to give and accept. The fundamental idea is to learn to resist the challenges, allowing the body and consciousness to be in a state of deep relaxation all the time.


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