Kids Yoga
Every hour is an adventure!
A yoga class for kids in the form of a game that is appropriate to the child's level of development, questions that go along that and provide answers as appropriate. The practice aims to evoke interest and inquzitivness and inspire thoughtfulness and action.

It is a yoga practice where we are use child appropriate yoga asanas, as well as walking, running, breathing techniques, excersizes for the fingers, toes and the entire body and relaxation for the mind. The excersizes aim to stimulate and reduce tension in the spine, improve stiffnes, the respiratory system, circulation and over all the immune system. Yoga benefits include improved body allignment and posture, helps develop and nourish the forming bones and muscles, reduces respiratory problems, strenghtens the cardiovascular system and the nervous sistem and gernerally enhances the body inherent immunity and disease-fighting ability. Kids yoga helps instill independence, discipline and self accountability.
The different excersizes and games help develop coordination, balance, flexibility and body awarness and orientation in space. The practice aims to develop the child's intuition and privides appropriate tools and coping mechanisms with the surrounding enviroment and its challenges. Yoga is the aincient science and art that develops endurance and health of the body, awarness and sensitivity in the mind and emotions and curiosity and determination to get to know the self and the world for the soul.
Allow and encourage the children of our society to grow happy and healthy and to become well-balanced individuals!


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6.00 lv.
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