Teen Yoga
Suitable for young adults, from 12 to 16 years of age.
Teen yoga has many benefits for the body and mind development of the teenager, faced with various changes in the physique and psyche.

Yoga, just as it does for kids and adults, for teens it improves health, proper allignment and posture of the entire spine, builds muscle strength and endurance, balance and coordination, relieves stress, anxiety and tension that are often characterizing of this age.
Tensed and tight muscles are a serious problem and can lead to irritability, headaches, various body aches and pains. Increasing flexibility relieves some of these health issues and additionally, helps prevent sport-related injuries.
Yoga helps teenagers develop the connection and correlation between Body and Mind.
The young adult is in the process of formulating and realizing the relationships between self, others and the surrounding environment. Yoga helps master emotions and stress and teaches to listen to intuition, the inner voice. It develops focus and concentration and the ability to make sound decisions. By practicing yoga, young adults develop qualities such as compassion, non-violence, mindfulness, a deeper inner awareness and responsibility, confidence and faith in the self and ability to relate to others.
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