Hatha Yoga
Hatha, in the ancient Sanskrit language, comes from "Ha" meaning sun and "Tha", the moon. Simultaneously, the sun and the moon are two balancing energies that embody the unmanifested and the manifested, materialized, the male and female energies, the warm and the cool, the active and the passive. Emphasis is placed on the harmonization of the two energies that guide life.
Hata yoga aims to achieve balance between body and mind through the unveiling of the finer level of the mind via the practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.
Asanas are different body positions that improve health and eliminate physical illnesses, with the ultimate goal of self-realization. Regular practice of asanas sculpts flexibility, enhances the muscoskeletal system and improves focus and concentration, preparing the yogi in the path of a deepened and comprehensive understanding of self and the Universe.
You will aquire other physical benefits, such as the development of strenght of the will and concentration. The asana practice will aid in teaching you how to remain centerd in turbulent times, when under stressfull situations.
The practice of hatha yoga can help you find you physical and mental potential.


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