Yoga Etiquette
1. Please remove your shoes when entering the studio and leave them in the designated area, so that we may protect our place!
2. Leave your phone outside the yoga room and turn off the sound! The yoga practice is a time we devote to ourselves, to personal tranquility. Let all the irritants, noises and conversations stay away! Use the time for yourself and others wholesomly, allow for peace and quiet!
3. It is a good practice to keep yourself clean, with clean clothes and to keep in good personal hygiene.
4. It is advisablto e practice barefoot or with suited socks with non-slip coating in the yoga studio.
5. Do bring your personal yoga mat and in case you do not have one, we will be provide one for you.
6. Do take off everything that would hinder your movements - wrist watches, glasses, big earrings and necklaces, etc.
7. Do not eat at least 2 hours before practice so that to feel the еаse of movement and your digestive system to be at rest! If you have eaten, please consult the yoga instructor.
8. It is preferable not to use strong perfumes prior to yoga practice, in respect everyone else's well-being and comfort!
9. Please, enter the room quietly without disturbing the rest or interrupting the yoga practice if you are late.
10. Ask for help or clarification when necessary without worrying! The yoga teacher is a qualified person who can guide you in the practice, in the movements and the proper way of performing the asanas. Trust them!
11. Respect the rest of the practitioners! If you come to yoga class for the first time, do not worry that some things are not coming to you. It is normal to experience initial difficulties and others will to be understanding and tolerant. Keep your poise and inner faith that you will achieve what you intend with practice and in time! Trust that yoga meets you exactly where you are and will lead you furhter! Enjoy the journey!
12. After finishing the practice, please clean and pack your yoga mat at the designated place! We have provided silver water for and towels for cleaning the mats.
13. Be present, stay in the "here and now"! Do not force your body (AHIMSA), follow the sensations and feel the magic of yoga!
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