Iyengar-inspired yoga practice
A yoga class focusing on the classical performance of the asanas through the use of "Iyengar wall", adapted with ropes, in combination with other yoga supplies such as blocks, bolsters, belts and more. The practice offers an in-depth examination of the asanas, assists proper performance of the movements and activations, provides safe and meaningfull stretching of the spine and back muscles. By utilizing the yoga supplies, improved is the perception of the asanas due to the use of the wall, ropes and other auxiliary means.
iyengar yoga
"In order to achieve health, secular or spiritual, we need to have a healthy body, a calm mind, clarity and maturity of the intelligence. Health brings happiness and prompts us to deepen the knowledge of the world and ourselves. Health means perfect harmony of the respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and secretory systems, as well as peace of mind. The practice of hatha yoga, through its eight limbs integrity, leads to such health. "
B.K.S. Iyengar

The practice of yoga is an effective way of bringing the body in balance and for better physical and mental health. Practitioners find improvement in coping with daily stress, insomnia and digestive disturbances.
Yoga asanas help improve the posture, relieve stiffness in the joints, back pain, shoulders, waist, normalize digestion, improve lung capacity, normalize blood pressure, strengthen the locomotor system, internal organs and strengthen the immune system.


Single Class Visit
8 lv.
30 Day Pass
30 days
56 lv.
45 Day Pass
45 days
75 lv.
Unlimitted yoga pass
30 days
120 lv.
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