Yoga Practice with elements of Ashtanga
Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient system that focuses on the proper implementation of asanas with emphasis on awarness. It literally translates as eight limbs described in the Sutras of Patanjali as the path for purification consisting of eight spiritual practices.

Ashtanga yoga class is a practice suitable for athletic, dynamic people. The asanas are arranged in a logical sequence, connected with vinyasa.
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Vinyasa is a term in hatha Yoga, which defines a practice involving a smooth, dance-like overflow of asanas from one to another. The word "vinyasa" consists of two parts - "vi" and "nyasa", respectivelly meaning division or breakdown, and shifting or placement.
"Vinyasa" means destroying or separating and re-setting back into a certain order. This is a systematization method and a way of arranging the asanas into a sequence."
B.K.S. Iyengar

In an ashtanga yoga prctice, alternated are stretching asanas with asanas for complete relaxation. This helps to achieve an inner calmness and mastery of the thoughts, the mental waves. Subsequently, the body relaxes, blood circulation improves and so does the flow of vital energy (prana).
The practice creates a sense of lightness, tones and purifies the body from the accumulated toxins and makes it stronger. The practice focuses on disciplining the mind and encourages the practitioner to take a look at themselves and the world in a perhaps new, a more conscious way.


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